Semi Refined Kappa Carrageenan Natural Plant Extracts For Meat Products

Semi Refined Kappa Carrageenan Natural Plant Extracts For Meat Products


Semi-Refined Kappa Carrageenan for Meat Products
1, Widely used;
2, High Viscosity;
3, Stable in neutral & alkaline so

Semi-Refined Kappa Carrageenan for Meat Products

Brief Introduction for Carrageenan Injection Meat Foods

  • Natural seaweed extracted material;

  • High yield & econimic;

  • Low viscosity;

  • High transparency & gel strength.

Carrageenan would gelatinate, wet, emulsify and shape meat goods, improve elasticity and tastes of meat products. Meat goods treated with carrageenan has property of exquisite structure, sheet-cutting property, appropriate toughness, excellent elasticity and non sweating. Carrageenan is mainly suitable for toasted meat goods.


Application of Carrageenan:

  • Processed Meat > substitutes fat and serves as meat extender and binder; enhances juiciness;increases yield; prevents fat separation;

  • Processed Poultry > controls dehydration while frozen; enhances juiciness and increases yield;

  • Milk/Chocolate Milk Drink/Juice > stabilizes and improves viscosity;

  • Ice Cream > prevents large ice crystal formation; enhances excellent flavor release;

  • Flan/Dessert Gel/Confectionery >- serves as gelling agent; enhances flavor release and excellent mouthfeel;

  • Bread/ Noodle/Pasta > increases yield and improves texture and mouthfeel;

  • Cakes/Pastries > substitutes butter and improves texture and mouthfeel

  • Sauce/Salad Dressing > thickens and improves viscosity;

  • Beer/Wine/Vinegar > accelerates and improves clarity.


Analysis of Carrageenanin Meat Products:



Item Unit Standard Results
Appearance / Gray or pale light yellow to claybank powder Conform
Sulphate % 15~40 15
Viscosity Pa.s ≥0.005 0.117
Loss on Drying % ≤12.0 11.7
Total Ash % 15~40 22
Substances insoluble in acids % ≤1 0.1
As mg/kg ≤3 0.1
Pb mg/kg ≤5 0.2
Cd mg/kg ≤2 less than0.1
Hg mg/kg ≤1 less than0.01
Coli group MPN/100g ≤30 less than30
Salmonella /25kg Not detected

Not detected




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